“World Civil War Portraits”

Curated by Sacha Craddock at The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

Organized by Stolen Space Gallery

14 - 24 May 2015

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Shamma’s disturbing paintings, described recently by art historian Edward Lucie-Smith as a “courageous reaction to what is happening now”, are not conventional depictions of war. Instead, they are personal studies of the faces of those who are living the ghosts of normal, safe existences and who have been deeply affected by violence.
Vanessa Thorpe, The Guardian


While her work isn’t typically journalistic, it is an emotive response to the war. The paintings tackle dark and often taboo subjects such as displacement and torture. They are powerful, violent and distressing.
Liz Walters, The Telegraph


Her new paintings, all done in the past nine months, are furious, with huge sweeping brush strokes carving out the shapes of her fury on large canvases.
Simon Tait, The Independent


The portraits depicting the human tragedy of the war are both shocking and haunting. There's a play between realism and the symbolic, the human condition perhaps, which is contradictory in itself by way of the clenched fist and the sensitive fingertip touch.
Bob Chaundy, The Huffington Post


‘Chunky brushstrokes move fluidly across the canvas commanding the viewer’s attention, imploring them to act before all hope is gone’
Zain Asher, CNN


A uniquely personal perspective’
Robert Bound, Monocle 24


Her paintings focus on the human figure, but her subjects are largely nameless and imagined.
Vittoria Bonifati, The Art Newspaper